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How many things do you do?

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Hey All,

Today, I am going to share with you a thought/quote – words that inspired me so much that the minute I read it i picked up my book and started to think of ways to adapt it in my life.


We all want to do great things , become great people world famous and amazingly rich with fascinating looks . Three huge things but in order to achieve them we need to do a lot of smaller things.

To be famous you need to develop and grow as a person of good character , do wonderful work  , achieve great success in your career , serve people and many more…

Lets take a few of them one by one

1) To be a person of great character you need to be sincere and constantly feed your mind with positive good thoughts and develop the character you want to be proud of.

2) To be rich you need to find a sincere way to earn good money , save them really well and invest it cleverly to increase your wealth.

3) To have fascinating looks you need to take very good care of your body , exercise regularly. You need to live a stress free life without any worries  so that you can stay fresh and alive.

Now, lets do the counting. I listed 9 basic things you need to do in order to become a great person and this is less than 0.01% .

If you look carefully each of these 9 things can again be broken down to smaller things to do. If you continue the flow you will end up having about 1000 little things or more that you need to do in order to reach your aim.

Most of us look at at the huge number and back off. But let me tell you a secret  , these 1000 little things that you will be doing are absolutely simple and very easy. The only difficult thing is to keep up to that commitment and passion  till the end.

In a nutshell,

->Decide your aim in life

->Identify three main goals needed to reach your aim

->Break each of them into smaller goals

->Break the smaller goals further down and so on until you are left with tiny little goals that are simple and easy to do.

->Most Important point Keep that passion and commitment alive throughout.

That’s all for today. I hope you are inspired to start thinking about the great things you want to do and the little things you have to do( in order to become great). Leave a comment in the comment section below and let us all know.

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Live Incredibly 🙂  . See you next time.

Byeeeeeeee 🙂


How to stay positive – ALWAYS


Mantra 1 : “I am Unique”

There is absolutely no other person like you. You have got a chance to live , to become great. You have some exclusive abilities and talents that absolutely no one else has. Find out what they are and apply them in everything you do. Imprint this thought into your brain. Read it over and over again. Pump your confidence every time it goes flat.

Mantra 2 : “I can become great”

You need to be really confident on this one. Believe in the impossible. Look for inspiration around you will surely find people doing great things. It could be anything as simple as scoring really well in exams or cooking awesome food for their family. See the great things that they do. Don’t compare yourself to them and be dejected that you cannot become like them. Learn from others. Don’t see them as performing better than you. See them as an inspiration to improve yourself and set new goals for yourself.

Do not get influenced by anyone else other than yourself. Set a goal and follow it up. You do not know the difficult path’s others may have taken to have such abilities and talents. If they can you can .

Write down these mantra ‘s on a paper and post it on your wall. Repeat them everyday , every time you feel low.

For easy access to remember these mantras download this image and save it on your phone 🙂


What are your mantra’s to live life positively ? Let me know in the comment section below. If you know anyone who would benefit from this post don’t hesitate to share it.

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