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You are given one chance to live. One chance to make an impact. One chance for everything , and how do you live this life in a well fulfilled way to achieve greatness?

“You deserve to have far more vitality, richness and joy in your life — and you can quickly have it.”

The book begins with describing what exactly is Megaliving , why we need to achieve it and what is the ultimate challenge we all face in our lives.





Are you stuck in a day job that you are less passionate about? Do you have an idea that you want to turn into reality? Do you feel you are capable of doing much more than you are currently doing? Is there a Biz Bee within you waiting to get out but don’t know where to start?


If YES you are in for a treat. This book isn’t a piece of cake. It’s the whole cake . So Dive In

Here’s what you can do. Reserve a couple of days completely to yourself, lock yourself in your room with a few sheets of paper , a pen and this book.

Write on top of the first sheet your IDEA in big , bold letters , and then start reading this book. (Don’t worry if you do not have one You will surely be inspired to be committed towards finding your IDEA).

As you read,  write down the ideas and how to implement the various strategies mentioned in this book to turn your BIG idea into reality.

Vineet Bajpai leaves no stone unturned to take you through the entrepreneurial journey. With your idea and his book you will know exactly where to start and what to do in order to Make It Happen.

Bajpai takes you on an incredible journey from breaking your family belief’s (If you are from a non-business family and your family believes in day job than business) to chasing your aspirations and being the Real You that you want to become.

What it really takes to be THE ONE, the professional excellence required ,  your visions explored  , the strength, leadership and values.  He shows you the paths you could take you to transform your idea into reality by just getting STARTED.

Bajpai then walks you through the importance of research and feasibility analysis plus the different stages for thought process. Then he moves on to designing a business plan and revenue model. And yes, you need to be safe on the legal front so that you don’t violate any copyright, there are a few tips on that as well.

Next, the most obvious thing you need for your business is MONEY. Bajpai briefs you about the different funding options with the pros and cons of each. He also gives you insights on why investors are important for reasons other than money. He also tells you about self-financing.

Well, it doesn’t end there. You are finally ready for the battle of business and you have started your business. The next thing to do is recruit the RIGHT people for your business and put up RIGHT infrastructure. Bajpai tells you exactly how to do that. But then, recruiting the right people is just not enough. You need to help them expand their capabilities. Bajpai moves you through the importance of training and leadership.

Now, the real challenge is to keep the business going for years. So Bajpai tells you why the first year of your business is the DECIDING year. If you can stay put in the first year you will go a long way.

For icing on the cake of business Bajpai tells how to grow your business, the sales effort, how to stay alive, how to grow and develop your work environment and maintaining the cash flow.

Finally the cherry on top of the cake you have a list of What NOT TO DO in your company.

The most WONDERFUL thing in the book are the right motivational quotes from the right people at the right times.

Enjoy your cake


Hello !!! This is one of my favorite books by my Guru Robin Sharma 🙂

The fable begins with Blake Davis introducing himself to the readers and his fantastically dull work at the bookstore, until he met a wildly eccentric – looking man. This man Tommy was a friend of Blake’s father and has been working for the same bookstore company for past 50 years. Tommy introduces him to LWT philosophy –  “Lead Without Title”


All Tommy wanted from Blake was to give him a single day to expose him to whatever Blake needed to know. And then on the decided day Tommy takes Blake on an incredible journey to meet four awesome teachers all of them having regular jobs – housekeeper, ski instructor, gardener, and massage therapist, yet they possess vast knowledge about LWT philosophy and they were living an incredibly wonderful life. At the end of the day Blake has a whole new perspective and a fresh start to make at the bookstore, to Lead Without a Title.

This book inspires you how to become a leader and achieve success irrespective of your position or your job at workplace. It truly is a modern fable on real success in business and life. You could be a sweeper, a flower seller or multi-million business owner by profession, you can create huge impact on the world around you.

If you want to find true value in your work and make wonders grab a copy of this book and start reading right away 🙂 and of course don’t forget to leave a comment below . I would love to know your work and If you are willing to read the book or not

Have a fabulous week