Your life is the best novel you can write about. Make sure it's a bestseller

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Today let me present you a scenario


You are given a chance to perform a task. This TASK is no ordinary task. It is a great opportunity , which, if performed well , takes you a step further But, you are not sure if your are up for it because you are not sure if you can do a good job ? What do you do in such situations?


I have come across many situations like this and I have used one simple rule and it worked like a charm. Here’s what you need to do. At first grab the opportunity and make it yours.

Take a real deep breath.

Clear your mind and ask your self the following questions

What can I do to give my best performance at this task?

What can I do to make the best use of this opportunity?

Most of the answers lies within us. So just figure out how best you can to the task. What skills you need to imrove. Work on it day and night. you need to improve on that skill atleast by 10%. When he task is completed you will receive a hundred fold reward. And you will be really glad you just grabbed the opportunity without thinking. If you really put in that little effort you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN you will definitely never regret ever for grabbing that OPPORTUNITY.

How to you handle l


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