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9867218   Reading a book is a task that many of them find tedious. But trust me its just a piece of cake. Once you inculcate the habit, you will just love it. Reading a book is a task that many of them find tedious. But trust me its just a piece of cake. Once you inculcate the habit, you will just love it. 

But then the piece of cake that you need won’t be there in your refrigerator all the time. You need to put some effort to bake cake at home , or go to the bakery and eat it. To bake you need to get home a lot of ingredients and for that you need money.

You can eat at the bakery and save yourself the trouble of baking but the baker won’t give it to you just like that. You need to pay money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. You need to work for it. Will you still say that eating a piece of cake is easy?Let’s come back to reading a book.

I have written down a few easy steps that you need to follow in order to cultivate the habit of book reading

Step 1 : Buy a good book

Your interests and likes have top priority when you choose your first book to read. If would want to decide the kind of book you want to start with. Ask any of your book worm friends , I am sure they would love to suggest you a few books.

If you are interested in children’s fiction pick Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. If you are more of the romance types any Sidney Sheldon book works well. For those more interested in personal development Robin Sharma’s Megaliving works perfectly. And for all my readers who want to start small pick any short story book or any of the comics like Archies , Tinkle , Spiderman etc…

Step 2: Tuck it under your pillow

Once you have got the book, tuck it under your pillow or near your bed.

Step 3: Allot time to read

Next, you need to allot time to read. Best option is because could be maybe half an hour before you go to sleep or any other time during the day when you are sure you will be free at that time.  

Step 4: Bookmark

Now , at the allotted time open your book and 
keep a book mark on the fifth page. 

Step 5: Start reading the book

Start reading the book till you get the bookmark. Once you reach the bookmark , place the bookmark at the next fifth page and close the book. You can get back there the next day.

Continue this habit for another 40 days and VOILA!  you will have finished reading  200pages and got into the habit of reading 🙂

Go on , give it a try. You will never regret it :). Let me know in the comment section below if you have liked this post , and also share any unique tips that you have to start reading books.

Live Incredibly 🙂  . See you next time.

Byeeeeeeee 🙂

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Comments on: "5 steps to develop the habit of reading" (5)

  1. I couldn’t imagine my life without reading, and couldn’t agree with you more. The trick is really to just do it.

    Oddly enough, they’ve found with children at least that just increasing the number of books in a home with make them read more.

    • Yes! Even I can’t think of life without books. Maybe it works with children. I have found older people moving away from the sight of books all the time.

      But there are some who want to start and inculcate the habit , but they don’t know how. I wrote this out keeping them in mind. This technique has helped me read some non fiction books that I knew I should read but couldn’t move ahead with it.

  2. You are so right – reading is SO IMPORTANT, and I love these tips for helping people get into the habit! My favorite is keeping the book close to your bed – that helps me a lot! I’ve also started listening to audiobooks :)!

  3. Rithesh B said:

    Sthuthi…. Nice article…
    I will try from today…
    Hope it will be a Habit..

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