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Introducing MY DAYS

On Valentine’s day recently I fell in love with blogging. It was at that time the IDEA of  MYDAYS struck. So here I am introducing to you MYDAYS.

What is MYDAYS?

It is simply a name given to my commitment of blogging every day and about what I would blog , except on Wednesdays which would be Ask Sthuthi days and Saturdays which would be my weekly rest day 🙂 .

Here’s an overview of MYDAYS to come :).

Collage (1)

What do they contain?

Spiritual Sundays, I will explore the spiritual side of Life and why is it important to each and everyone of us.

Inspiring Mondays will inspire you to do your absolute best in everything and live an Incredible Life.

Techie Tuesdays I talk about the wonderful technology around us and how to use them effectively to help us become incredible.

Wednesdays will be ASKSTHUTHI day. To post your questions Click Here

Freaky Thursdays will give you a sneak peak into my bucket list of all the wonderful , adventurous and freaky things I have don, am doing or I want to do in my life.

Thoughtful Fridays , I will bring to you thought- provoking “Thoughts” that will stir your souls and motivate you.

Await for exciting posts ahead 🙂


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