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Ask Sthuthi – Episode 1

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Welcome !!! To the first ever episode on “Ask Sthuthi”. The first question comes from Anonymous … :O


Hey Sthuthi ,

I think negative at times.. n my ma’am gave me the book The Secret and its working for me…:) . But some situations drive me towards the negative side… I wanna be positive always no matter what is the situation…:). I tend to be influenced by people with more abilities and talent than me…I lose the confidence i have in myself.. In other words i realize that i’am no where.. and i need to toil hard to achieve success…



Hey Anonymous,

Thank you so much for asking this question, because your question has given me the opportunity to explore many topics. Since you have categorized your question under Student , I believe you are a student facing some issues in school/college and I have tackled this question keeping that in mind. Let’s start

Here are 3 steps you need to follow. They are so simple that you will definitely say I know all that , but most important thing is we don’t realize the true power of it. Here it goes

Step 1: Every one has liabilities. Accept yours and CHANGE

You are absolutely right !!! It’s very important and it’s really great that you have accepted the fact you think negative at times. That is the first and the most important step towards change. But it’s really very difficult to stay positive at all times. There are many situations and people around you who sneak in negativity into your life. But there’s a way to see a ray of hope in every negative situation and you have got to train your mind.

Here’s what you need to do be very attentive to your own thought’s and when you realize you are thinking something negative STOP right there !!! And try to figure out a positive thing out of  it.

E.g. Maybe you studied really hard but still did not manage to score good marks.

Well, you need to study harder. You may definitely be mocking at me right now but think about it. There maybe some reason why you haven’t been able to score good marks. Maybe you need to change your way of learning or plan a little more on allotting  your time properly while writing your exam.

Step 2 : Stop comparison !!!

Instead look around for inspiration. If someone is performing better than you , definitely they must be doing something that you are not doing. Learn from them. I have a separate post on mantras to be positive always. Check it out here


Step 3: There’s a trick

There’s a trick that every person more successful than you uses. They toil really hard to achieve their goals and then they make it look like a piece of cake. They make it look like it was very easy for them. But trust me it is not so. Never !!! Ever !!!

So If you think you need to toil hard and others don’t you are WRONG !!!

You are not alone. Every single person toils really hard to achieve what they want. So work harder and when you have achieved your goal celebrate your win 🙂

Well, I hope I have answered all the parameters of your query .

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Have an incredible week ahead of you . See you next time.

Byeeeeeeee 🙂


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