Your life is the best novel you can write about. Make sure it's a bestseller

Chapter 1 – Pasha


The Orange God was up again. Shining as brightly as ever. Pasha recalled her father’s response the previous night. “Yes!” …

Yes! He told Yes!. Pasha jumped out of her bed pulled away the curtains and let the god shine over her scantily clad body. She loved the way her skin shines under the light of the Orange God. She remembered the first time she had dared to ask her father about the light that came in through the curtains. Her father had explained to her that its the Orange God and her duty is to please him. If she fails Orange God he would burn her beautiful body. “How can I please him daddy? ” asked Pasha. “Oh! just obey me always darling”, her father had replied.

Pasha always obeyed her father. She knew if she doesn’t Orange God would burn her. She would make it a point to ask her father if she had been obedient. Her father had replied in positive all the time.

A shriek sharp bell distracted Pasha from her thoughts. “Oh! the test bell. It’s time to get ready


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